My Initial Visit – FAQ

Dr Escoda-Francoli will discuss with you what your expectations are and what result you would like to achieve.

At this time, appropriate exams and a CBCT scan will be  performed.

Dr Escoda-Francoli will then go over the pros and cons of each option so that you  can make an informed decision on whether you want to proceed. A detailed treatment plan will be given to you with the full cost explained to you in detail so that there are no surprises.

FAQ Questions

Yes! Since the dental implants are anchored in your jawbone, they function as your ordinary teeth when you are chewing, talking and laughing. Most people do not feel any difference between their natural teeth and their new ones.

Yes, of course! With a dental implants  you don’t have to sacrifice healthy teeth to restore missing ones. Unlike conventional bridges or partial dentures, no adjacent teeth are affected.

Yes! Regardless of whether you have an implant-borne crown, bridge or prosthesis you will be able to eat, chew, talk and laugh just as usual.

Extensive scientific documentation from clinical studies confirms that dental implants from Dentsply enable very reliable and good results –long term. Implants from Dentsply  Implants are quality products that are the result of decades of research, development and documented clinical experience.

A correctly placed high-quality implant is more resistant to many influences than the natural tooth root.Your  implant will not break and cannot be affected by caries. Consistent oral hygiene will keep the gum and the implant site healthy. This means that your implants should last a lifetime.

Dental implants from Dentsply  are made of pure surgical titanium, which is biocompatible to the body. Titanium becomes fully integrated into the bone tissue and is very stable.

Most crowns and bridges are metal or metal alloys and are veneered with ceramic to match the colour of the teeth. The aesthetic alternative is porcelain. Ceramic is made of high strength zirconium oxide which  is particularly suitable for implant-borne dentures, for both single teeth or larger bridges.

Having an implant treatment is an investment in your future and quality of life. To have new teeth that feel like your own is a highly valued experience. It is a great treatment that can save you from other dental expenses and problems in the future. The extent of your treatment will determine your cost. Dr Escoda-Francoli will prepare a cost estimate before starting the treatment, and we can offer interest free credit.

As the dental implants are fitted under local anaesthesia, you will not feel any pain during the surgery. The treated area may be swollen for a few days afterwards, which could be slightly painful. In most cases an ordinary painkiller such as paracetamol is all you may need.

A dental implant placement is a minor operation. Complications such as injuries to nerves and blood vessels are possible when placing implants. However, the current state of diagnostics and planning make it very unlikely to happen. A sudden rejection reaction of a completely healed dental implant is very rare. In exceptional cases the bone may not hold the implant in place securely enough. In that case it would not be able to resist loading sufficiently and would probably have to be removed under local anesthetic. In such a case a new dental implant can normally be placed.

When detected early enough, infections, which are usually caused by bacteria, can usually easily be treated successfully. If you always keep your dental appointments  and  clean your teeth regularly at home, you should be safe from infectione placed.

The material of the dental implants has no allergenic components and is therefore biocompatible with the body.

No! Your age is normally not relevant – more important is your health. But if you are under eighteen years old, you must be examined to make sure you have finished growing before you can undergo implant treatment.

Usually not. If you suffer from a serious general condition such as cardiovascular diseases,diabetes or osteoporosis (bone thinning), tendency to bleeding  or you have an impaired immune system( eg frequent infections), you should inform us. We will discuss your medical history and fitness before recommending an implant.

This is possible with some medications and Dr Escoda-Francoli will discuss this with you e.g. steroids may cause problems with healing and warfarin can cause bleeding during implant placement.

Yes – It is highly recommended to stop smoking. Smoking affects the healing process and may reduce the long-term prognosis.

Talk to one of the dentists or hygieninsts at Felpham Dental. We may suggest whitening, white fillings or veneers. There is a lot of choice and we will give you the options to make an informed choice.

My Initial Visit – FAQ
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