Dental CT Scanner at Felpham Dental

//Dental CT Scanner at Felpham Dental

Dental CT Scanner at Felpham Dental

If you are considering having dental implants you should consider having a 3D scan to assess your  bone volume available.
Until recently  we dentists would use two dimensional conventional x-rays to assess implant placement but this would leave a small element of the assessment to “guesswork”.
The advent of 3D scanning at Felpham Dental  means accurate planning and with an acceptable radiation dose there is a good reason for having this 3D information available.
This service has been created and developed by Dr Davina Mahoney and Dr Sharad Patel  in the pursuit of excellence in the field of implant dentistry to ensure that our  patients  can  access the highest  level of care required in the planning of their implants.

Frequently asked questions about 3D scanning
What is 3D scanning?
It is a three dimensional x-ray showing height, width and depth of bone available.

Why is a normal dental x-ray not enough?
In some very simple cases a two dimensional x-ray may be satisfactory but two dimensional x-rays only show the height and width of the available bone, they do not show the width (thickness), so if there is a defect in the width of bone this will not be known and can lead to implant failure after a few years.

How does the procedure differ from a “normal” dental x-ray?
You wear a “radio-opaque guide” and have the scan taken  The guide is very important as it allows the dentist to accurately plan the position of the implant.

CBCT dose is comparable to two dental panographic x-rays and considered by the European Academy of Implant Dentistry to be “required” for properly planned implant treatment.

What does 3D Scanning cost?
£200-  also available to patients who are  not registered at Felpham Dental

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